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Aleatory Architectures

TitleAleatory Architectures
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsKeller, S, Jaeger, HM
Pagination1 - 11
Date Published2016//
ISBN Number1434-7636

We discuss new approaches and concepts at the intersection of granular materials research and architecture/structural engineering that are based on stochastic (re-) configuration of individual structural elements. These approaches, which we term aleatory architectures, suggest that building materials and components can have their own ‘agency’—that they can be designed to adapt and to find their own responses to structural or spatial contexts. Here we introduce some of the key ideas and ask: Can there be design by disorder? What are the possibilities of material agency? Can we develop a vocabulary of concepts to interpret various orderings of chance? Several papers in this Topical Collection then investigate these questions in more detail from a range of different scientific and architectural perspectives.