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Obtaining a Funded IIT Proposal

The Office of Research encourages faculty to review funded proposals. Doing so can help faculty members get ideas that will help them develop their own proposals. The procedure for faculty to request a copy of a funded IIT proposal is as follows:

  1. Contact the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP) at 312.567.3035. Please provide as much information as possible about the proposal such as the name of the principal investigator, the funding agency, the year it was funded, and the OSRP or Cayuse reference number.

  2. Prior to releasing a copy of the proposal OSRP will contact the PI and co-PIs to get their approval. Please note that requests can take up to two weeks for processing. 

  3. If approved by the PI and co-PI’s, a copy of the proposal will be sent to you. Please note that OSRP will redact the budget, budget justification and any other confidential information including proprietary information as identified by the PI.

  4. Copies of proposals will not be provided to individuals who are not affiliated with IIT.