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Managing Your Award

OSRP provides comprehensive services for IIT faculty and staff on the preparation, review, approval, submission, management, non-financial reporting requirements, and close out procedures of sponsored project proposals. Our services extend to providing oversight for the pre-administration of awards for grants, contracts and other sponsored-related award instruments for federal and non-federal projects, including industry agreements.

Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA)

Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) handles all post-award financial aspects of the proposal after the award. GCA will enter the information into IIT’s accounting system, issue the account number, review and process completed expenditure requests, as appropriate, and submit financial reports on behalf of IIT. GCA reports to the Office of the Controller.

GCA Post Award Process

The grant and contract accounting post award process provides an overview which also includes a breakdown of Principal Investigator, Budget Manager and Department Administrator responsibilities, as they relate to the post award management and compliance of sponsored projects, click here.


Advanced Expenditure Authorization (AEA)

An advanced expenditure authorization form can be used to establish a new account or continue expenditures on an existing account due to a delay in receiving an award or continuation from a sponsor. Please note that only a non-sponsored, non-federal account can be charged and used as a guarantee account on this request. Contact OSRP for assistance.

Prior Approval

A table outlining prior approval requirements for select federal agencies can be found here