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IIT Research Day

The Office of Research regrets to announce that Research Day for 2017 has been cancelled.

IIT Research Day is held annually during the spring semester. This campuswide event is held by the Office of Research and is open to students in all disciplines. Research Day includes a Student Poster Competition with both Graduate and Undergraduate categories. Three winners are selected from each track.  Each multidiscipline unit is invited to submit three posters per discipline, and single discipline units may submit four posters (For example: BChS may submit a total of six posters, ideally three from Bio and three from Chem; ECE may submit six, ideally three from Computer Engineering and 3 from Electrical Engineering; Applied Math and Computer Science may submit 4 posters each).  Each unit may decide how it selects the posters it will submit to the competition. The Sigma Xi Lecture is held after the poster competition and includes a guest lecturer, the announcing of the Sigma Xi winners and the research day poster competition winners. 

2014, 2015, and 2016 IIT Research Day Poster Competition Winners

20161st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Undergraduate Wesley Lo
Nirja Shah (BME) Yusra Khalid
Graduate Christopher Hannon & Jiaqi Yan (CS) Michael DeAnda & Amy Kamin (HUM) Samuel Bowerman (PHYS)
Undergraduate Yusra Sarhan (BME) Ritika Dhawan (BME) Georgi Hristove (MMAE)
Graduate Martin Detrois (MMAE) Javid Mahmoudzadeh (MMAE) Qing Li (FdSN)
Undergraduate Cecillie Tassone (BME) Haocheng Bian (AM) Eda Gjergo (AM)
Graduate David Nieto Simavilla (ChBE) Xiao Huang (ECE) Martin Detrois (MMAE)

View photos from 2016 IIT Research Day
View photos from 2015 IIT Research Day

2016 Sigma Xi Winners

Tomasz R. Bielecki Senior Faculty AM
Carly Kocurek Junior Faculty HUM
Hongxing Ye Student (Ph. D.) ECE

Watch the 2016 IIT Research Day Sigma Xi Lecture by Geza Gyuk
Dr. Geza Gyuk is an astronomer at Adler Planetarium. Two modern themes, social computing and the maker movement are reshaping scientists' relationship with the public. Dr. Gyuk describes two projects, the Zooniverse and Far Horizons, that are at the leading edge of this change. The Zooniverse is a massive data-analysis driven community. Far Horizons is engineering driven, centered on citizen space exploration. Very different in nature, the Zooniverse and Far Horizons nevertheless share a common goal of democratizing the process of research.

Watch the 2015 IIT Research Day Sigma Xi Lecture by Mike Pellin

Past Winners

Click here for more information on Sigma Xi/IIT Awards for Excellence in University Research