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Educational and Research Initiative Fund (ERIF)

Illinois Institute of Technology tenured and tenure-track faculty members are invited to submit multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary proposals for funding from the Educational and Research Initiative Fund (ERIF). The maximum award will not exceed $25,000. Proposals (including the budget and appendices) are limited to eight pages. An original of the proposal is due at 5:00 pm on the day of the deadline.  The solicitation for 2017 is now closed.  Watch for a new announcement in 2018. Propoals will be submitted via email to Domenica Pappas. A Cayuse SP record is required.  List sponsor as: Educational and Research Initiative Fund (ERIF).

For the 2017 award period, ERIF proposals:

  • Must be based on the collaboration of two or more faculty members from at least two different academic units. The collaborators may be designated as co-PIs, or as PI and co-PI(s).
  • Must be multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary in scope.
  • Show substantial promise for developing a larger proposal for external funding. Each proposal must include strong evidence that the PIs have identified external funding agencies with potential interest in the proposal.
  • May not be used to supplement existing grants or contracts.

Additional proposal characteristics may include:

  • High risk or innovative ideas that need pilot funding at the pre-competitive stage; or
  • New initiatives for the organization of multidisciplinary research programs leading to the development of research centers or consortia.

Applicants must use a standard proposal format (click here for details).

The budget is limited to tuition and stipend expenses for students, except for a small amount of funding (up to 5%) that may be allocated for supplies. The award period is June 1, 2017 through May 31, 2018. Recipients will be required to submit a mid-term progress report and a final technical report.

If you have any questions please contact