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Building Research Teams

It is increasingly likely that most researchers will find themselves asked to participate on or lead a research team at some point in their careers (L. Bennett et al). Team collaborations of scientists from different fields are the key to solving critical research problems—and funders know it!  Moreover, because funding trends are more supportive of research teams as opposed to individual grants, researchers need a basic understanding of how to form or join a science team. Here are resources to help you learn more about research teams:

Collaboration and Team Science: A Field Guide

Short Video Talks on Building Research Teams

Dean Christine Himes
Dean Russell Betts
Dean Harvey Kahalas
Assoc. Dean Philip Troyk
Assoc. Dean Vedran Mimica
Professor Hamid Arastoopour
Professor Pat Corrigan
Professor Tom Irving
Professor Roya Ayman
Professor Eun-Jeong Lee
Professor Carlo Segre

The Academic Executive Brief

The "science of team science" (SCITS) is a new and emerging field of research, as academics and proposal developers study what environments and dynamics create successful research teams. Here are resources on SCITS:

The Science of Team Science Listserv

The Collaboration Success Wizard

Annual International Science of Team Science (SciTS) Conference