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Obtaining a Funded IIT Proposal

The Office of Research Development encourages faculty to review funded proposals. Doing so can help faculty members get ideas that will help them develop their own proposals. The procedure for faculty to request a copy of a funded IIT proposal is as follows:

  1. Call the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP) at 567-3035. Give staff as much information about the proposal as you can, including the name of the principal investigator, the funding agency, and the year it was funded. Let them know whether you would like to have the proposal copy put into campus mail or would like to pick it up from the OSRP office, and tell them your desired timeframe. Important: note that you will need to allow an appropriate amount of time for your request to be processed; please see #2 below.

  2. OSRP will then contact the principal investigator to get their approval, prior to releasing a copy of the proposal to you. You will need to allow sufficient time for OSRP to obtain this approval. If a faculty member is out of town or cannot be reached, that will delay the processing of your request.

  3. A photocopy of the proposal will be made for you. Please note that it will not contain budget information because that information is confidential. There may be other proprietary information excluded, based on the request of the principal investigator.