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Financial Conflict of Interest Training

IIT’s Policy on Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) requires faculty and researchers to complete training.

FCOI training

CHOOSE ONE of the two following categories!

1. Blackboard Training

For faculty who DO NOT receive funds from DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) (e.g. NIH, FDA, SAMHSA, etc.).

Enroll in Blackboard Training

Within Blackboard, go to the Courses & Organizations tab (within the Illinois Tech tab). Enter “Financial” in the Course Search box, or click "Browse Course Catalog" and search for "Training & Professional Development." Look for the course titled: "BB_TD_FINANCIAL_CONFLICT_OF_INTEREST_POLICY" (Careful--that's a course title in this paragraph; it is not a clickable link) and then enroll. Once enrolled, choose "Take the Quiz" which can be found on the left navigation bar.

2. CITI Training

For faculty who DO receive (or hope to someday receive) DHHS funding.

Enroll in CITI Training

At choose the course “CONFLICTS OF INTEREST COURSE.” Other training on the CITI site is not required for purposes of the FCOI training.

The CITI program will automatically create a report showing course completion, and their system will send reports to IIT the following morning. IMPORTANT NOTE: Before leaving the CITI site, save an electronic and/or paper copy of the training certificate.

Detailed information for training:

  2. Create an account and login; choose affiliation with "Illinois Institute of Technology."
  3. Skip all training not related to FCOI - go immediately to "Question 4" on the course selection page and answer "yes.”
  4. Complete the five training modules

Verification of FCOI Training

The University is responsible for verifying that investigators supported by DHHS have received FCOI training. By taking and completing the training through CITI, the University will be able to verify training.

Note: PI’s must ensure that all named Key Personnel who will be working on their DHHS funded project have taken the mandatory FCOI training, prior to engaging in the research.