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Office of Research

Christopher WhiteAt Illinois Tech ambitious research is more than something we do. It is something we live to do. Our research motivates us every day—to go further, dig deeper, and do more.

Ask any of our faculty and students—whether their work takes place in a world-class research facility, in the living laboratory of the city, or within a virtual space—and they will tell you that research colors their worldview. We see a world where research solves both fascinating, generations-old questions and complicated new challenges facing global societies and indeed Earth itself. The potential for research to usher innovation, end problems, and vastly improve our lives gives us optimism for the future.

At Illinois Tech research and innovation are also part of our culture. We are inspired by pioneers who studied and taught here—Marvin Camras, Lee de Forest, Herbert Simon, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Grote Reber, and many others—and by faculty and alumni today who are internationally recognized leaders and entrepreneurs in high-impact fields in science, technology, engineering, architecture, human sciences, business, design, and law.

Illinois Tech is committed to research in all areas of our university—from our biggest college to our smallest program. We value research as central to our distinctive education and a vital context for academic discourse. For many students it is the kindling that can ignite a lifetime of passionate pursuits and discovery. We are committed to extending exciting, relevant, hands-on research opportunities to all of our students, and to providing quality facilities and equipment that supports their work.

I invite you to explore the many significant research initiatives taking place at Illinois Tech. Our faculty, students, staff, and partners are continuing our university’s legacy of excellent work that is advancing knowledge and revolutionizing education as we know it.

Fred J. Hickernell 
Vice Provost for Research
Professor of Applied Math