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Research News

Professor Awarded Grants to Further Power Engineering Research

Grainger Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering John Shen received grants from the United States Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation for projects that will further energize the power engineering research being conducted at Armour College of Engineering.

Armour College Researcher Named to NIH Review Panel

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Kenji Suzuki was named a member of the National Cancer Institute Special Emphasis Panel, Center for Scientific Review, National Institutes of Health. Suzuki will contribute to biomedical research on a national level by reviewing grant applications submitted to NIH and making recommendations on the applications to the NIH national advisory council or board.

Researchers Analysis of Medieval Armor on NOVA

Armour College of Engineering Professor of Materials Engineering Sammy Tin and 2017 doctoral graduate Stoichko Antonov performed metallurgical analysis in their lab at Illinois Tech on a piece of medieval armor that was created for the “Secrets of the Shining Knight” episode of the science show NOVA.

Applied Math Researcher Receives NSF Grant for Flow Project

The National Science Foundation awarded a grant totaling $206,040 over three years to Shuwang Li, associate professor of applied mathematics and principal investigator, to study multi-component and multi-compartment vesicles in complex flow domains. His work will benefit both biological systems as well as numerical method development.

Research Collaborators Discover New Structural Motif in Enzyme

The research groups of Oscar Juarez, assistant professor of biology, and David Minh, assistant professor of chemistry, have discovered a new structural motif in an essential Vibrio cholerae enzyme that could lead to important drug development. Some strains of the infectious bacteria V. cholerae can cause the disease cholera.