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Research News

Biomedical Engineering Student Project on Display in the Netherlands

Students and faculty built a full-scale working replica of the Brigham-Kolff dialysis device, now on display at the University of Groningen, as part of an IPRO Program course in 2008–09. MORE

Patent Awarded for Novel Method to Genetically Engineer Bacteria and Yeast

Receiving their third patent, Ben Stark, emeritus professor of biology, and a former Ph.D. student engineered the microorganisms to increase bioethanol production without an oxygen feed. MORE

American Heart Association Innovators Research Grant Given to Illinois Tech Professor

The grant, given for high-risk work, will support Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering Georgia Papavasiliou, who studies hydrogel biomaterials and tissue engineering. MORE

Psychology Professor Collaborates on Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Study

Scott Morris joined industrial/organizational psychologists from throughout the country to research and provide recommendations on issues related to pre-employment screening. MORE

DOE Grant to Support Research on Materials Used in Nuclear Reactors

Professor of Physics Jeff Terry will conduct his study on duplex stainless steel used in light water reactors at Argonne National Laboratory.