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Illinois Tech Faculty Research Accepted for Publication

Illinois Tech faculty from various colleges have had their research accepted for publication:

  • Associate Professor Smriti Anand, Stuart School of Business: "Leader-Member Exchange as a Linking Pin in the Idiosyncratic Deals-Performance Relationship in Workgroups," Leadership Quarterly; also, a chapter on "idiosyncratic deals" to be published in the book Teaching Human Resource Management: An Experiential Approach
  • Distinguished Professor of Organizational Behavior Eliezer Geisler, Stuart School of Business: "What We Know About R&D Metrics: The Use of Managerial Cognition and Archival Measures in Assessing Technology-Driven Organizations," Annals of Science and Technology Policy; also, "The Notions of Homo Technicus and Homo Simplex," The Journal of Technology Transfer 
  • Dean of the College of Architecture Michelangelo Sabatino: Avant-Garde in the Cornfields (University of Minnesota Press, 2019)