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Research News

CalTech, Brown University to Present at Mechanics Workshop

Experts from across the United States in mechanics computational and theoretical techniques as well as in contemporary mechanics research will present at the fourth annual Midwest Mechanics of Materials and Structures Workshop this August.  

Growing Fat

A research team led by Armour College of Engineering’s Abhinav Bhushan is pioneering a new and customized way—through microfluidic chips—to grow fat cells outside of the body to aid in disease treatment.

Next Steps in Designing an Artificial Pancreas System

A team of students and postdocs led by Ali Cinar, professor and director, Engineering Center for Diabetes Research and Education at Illinois Tech, is researching the fundamental algorithms that are going to be necessary for the next generation of more advanced artificial pancreas systems.

Working on the Next Generation of Jet Engines

Through a grant from Rolls-Royce, Illinois Tech’s Sammy Tin, professor of materials engineering, is exploring the characterization (examination of structure and properties) of Alloy 12, a mixture of metallic elements to form a nickel-based alloy that Rolls-Royce engine designers are considering for the next generation of jet engines.

Muon Expert Gives Project Talks in Puerto Rico and California

Daniel Kaplan, professor of physics in the College of Science, was invited to present talks in May and in June pertaining to the muon, considered an exotic subatomic particle, at institutions in Puerto Rico and California. Kaplan is director of the Illinois Tech Center for Accelerator and Particle Physics.