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Educational and Research Initiative (ERIF) Awards

ERIF is an Illinois Tech program that provides seed funding for high-risk or innovative research and education programs at the pre-competitive stage. Funded projects are multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary in scope and must show the potential to obtain external funding.


A. Jean-Luc Ayitou (Chemistry)
Heng Wang Materials (Science and Engineering)


Alissa Haedt-Matt (Psychology)
Matt Culotta (Computer Science)


Kevin Tichauer (Biomedical Engineering)


Lin Cai (Electrical and Computer Engineering, PI) and Ivan Mutis (Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering, Co-PI)

Carlos Teixeira (Institute of Design, PI) and Weslynne Ashton (Stuart School of Business, Co-PI)


Aron Culotta and Jennifer Cutler
Tracking perception dynamics in online social networks

Salim El Rouayheb and Dong Jin
Faster Wireless Data Rates via Caching on Smart Devices: Theoretical Analysis & Implementation


Kenneth Tichauer and Jialing Xiang
Mapping Molecular Heterogenityin Tumors for Advanced Personalized Cancer Therapy

David Minh, Britt Burton-Freeman, and Indika Edirisinghe
Elucidating the Mechanism of Anthocyanin-Induced Insulin Sensitization


Eric Houston and Boris Glavic
An Interdisciplinary Approach for Assessing Treatment Motivation Among Patients Undergoing Antiretroviral Therapy: Integrating Multidimensional Scaling with Data Provenance Techniques

Matthew Spenko and Donald Chmielewski
Robotic Enhanced Urban Farming

Cindy Menches and Scott Morris
Affective Reactions to Construction Contract Framing


Arjun Chakravarti and Weslynne Ashton
Agent-Based Models as a Platform for Interdisciplinary Research of Complex Social and Business Systems

Georgia Papavasiliou and Fouad Teymour
Feasibility of Using Mixture of High MW PEG and Crosslinked PEG Nanoparticles for Sustained Delivery of Phosphate to the Intestinal Mucosa


Nancy Karuri
Surface Modifications for Promoting Tissue Repair

Mehdi Modares
Structural Health Monitoring and Damage Detection of Existing Structures with Unknown Input and Limited Responses


Mahesh Krishnamurthy
Real-Time Electromagnetic Modeling and Analysis Technique for Electric Machines

Zongzhi Li
Multicommodity Flows and Algorithmic Graph Theory in Sustainable Transportation Decision Making

Shawn Shadden
Identifying Key Transport Mechanisms in the Formation of Thrombi


Sandra Bishnoi
Using Daphnia Magna and Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Imaging (SERSI) to Explore the Ecotocity of Metal Nanoparticles

Georgia Papavasiliou
Quantitative Study of the Effects of PEG Substrate Physical Properties and Degradation Kinetics on Fibroblast Cell Migration

Jia Wang
Analysis and Optimization of Sequential Circuits Under Process Variations

Imam Samil Yetik
Registration of Histiology to Invivo Multispectral MR Images for Prostate Cancer Localization