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Workshops and Panel Discussions

Fund Searching and Crafting a Strong Research Proposal Workshop

What: Whether your field is science, humanities, technology, or law... one certainty is this: To be most efficient and effective at securing research funds, it is critical to be aware of the latest funding opportunities useful to your program. We will also discuss how to craft a strong research proposal.
When: Friday, October 7, 2016 from 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Where: Galvin Library, Learning Center

You will use an individual computer to learn how to search for research funding opportunities. We will try some strategies to get you set up to receive tailored funding alerts on an ongoing basis.

Proposal writing is not at all like academic writing. Researchers must use a variety of techniques to ensure a proposal has the best chance of being read, scoring high, and getting funded. In this workshop you will learn ways to create a strong proposal while avoiding common pitfalls. The workshop will also include information on how to make sure a proposal is truly "cutting edge." This means knowing how to show all the references and citations that prove you have a solid grasp of your field. A Galvin Librarian will present an overview of the resources that can help you prove your case.

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To reserve a spot, email Mariam Othman at The
room accommodates 20 participants; walk-ins welcome as space permits. There is no fee for these workshops, which are provided as a service of the IIT Office of Research.

Building Research Teams Panel Discussion

What: Team collaborations of scientists from different fields are key to solving
today’s research problems—and funders know it! IIT's new Fund Searching Services Team ("FSST!") has teamed up with IIT faculty to present this panel discussion on "Building Research Teams." Come learn about how scientific collaborations are launched and about working in research teams.
When: Friday, October 21, 2016 from 1 - 2:30 p.m.
Where: Herman Hall Alumni Lounge
Who: This panel discussion is intended for IIT faculty members who seek grants, or individuals who need to understand how to form a research team, join a research team, or lead a research team.
Why: Researchers need to learn the ins and outs of research team collaborations. “It is increasingly likely that most researchers will find themselves asked to participate on or lead a research team at some point in their careers.” (L. Bennett et al). Moreover, because funding trends are ever more supportive of research teams as opposed to individual grants, a basic understanding of how to form or join a team science effort is essential. Our esteemed panelists bring a wealth of experience on building and working in research teams.
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To reserve a spot, email Mariam Othman at Walk-ins welcome as space permits. For this panel discussion, your questions are welcome in advance.

There is no fee for this panel discussion, which is #4 in the fall workshop series on Proposal Development, brought to you by the Fund Searching Services Team ("FSST!").

BEFORE YOU ATTEND THE RESEARCH TEAMS PANEL DISCUSSION: Make sure to view the previous panel discussions on Research Teams.